Knowledge networks towards societal transformation

A key point of climate information sharing is the understanding of how climate information is adopted, and used among cities at various levels of governance and decision-making. To do this, I4C uses knowledge networks (KNs) as a way to monitor the uptake of climate information. Using this knowledge, I4C is working to seeks to address the pressing challenges of the climate crisis by advanceing the development and dissemination of decadal climate predictions by tailoring the informationed to local stakeholders’ needs. Recognizing the importance of knowledge networks (KNs) in fostering adaptation, I4C embraces KNs as complementary governance structures that facilitate the creation, sharing, and application of climate information and knowledge. I4C strives to bridge the gap between climate science and real-world decision-making by empowering knowledge networks and fostering collaborative efforts to combat the impacts of climate change.

Key points: