Demonstrator cities

The four demonstrator cities represent urban areas with varying sizes, geography, climate, and socio-economic and cultural conditions. Accordingly, each city faces and addresses different climate-related challenges. By working closely with the demonstrator cities, Impetu4Change will investigate, assess, and evaluate the potential of the different mitigation strategies in various urban contexts for future application in other urban areas.

I4C recognises that each city will need a different approach to transform climate data into fit-for-purpose information and knowledge tailored to the needs of the local stakeholders.

The work undertaken in all four demonstrator cities of the Impetus4Change project aims to:

  • to combine historical city data with models and prediction systems to improve predictions of climate and extreme weather episodes and their impacts
  • to use this newly created information to improve preparedness for future events, through:
    • better information for citizens and stakeholders
    • the planification of mitigation actions to be implemented
    • better monitoring of the plans and actions in place