Workshop on Climate Prediction and Services over the Atlantic-Arctic region

Bergen, Norway

27 to 30 May, 2024

I4C will be present at the upcoming workshop on “Climate Prediction and Services over the Atlantic-Arctic region) to be held from 27 to 30 May in Bergen, Norway, with an option to participate online.

The workshop aims to address recent advances and challenges in climate prediction and services, focusing on the Atlantic-Arctic region. It brings together researchers and practitioners to discuss predictions of physical climate, biogeochemistry, and ecosystems. Themes include understanding predictability mechanisms, developing prediction systems, and exploring emerging opportunities in climate services. The workshop seeks contributions to bridge gaps between different prediction timescales, spatial scales, and stakeholders, fostering idea exchange from prediction development to decision-making support.

The workshop will feature breakout discussions and a dedicated networking event for practitioners to synthesize the current state of research on Climate Prediction and Services in the Atlantic-Arctic region. The outcomes will be compiled into a comprehensive meeting report for publication.

Topics of interest include:

  • reducing uncertainties in internal versus external forced climate variability
  • climate variability during the historical era
  • novel methods to assess and mitigate model deficiencies
  • advances in data assimilation, initialization strategy and ensemble generation
  • blending, downscaling and post-processing of climate predictions and projections
  • prediction of climate extremes
  • biogeochemical and ecosystem prediction
  • development of integrated climate-marine ecosystem predictions and services
  • science of science use
  • co-production of climate services
  • case studies of successful user engagement

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