“Unexpected connections through chance meetings and informal discussions are at the heart of EGU”

Arctik caught up with I4C coordinator Stefan Sobolowski at #EGU2023 in Vienna. EGU, European Geosciences Union Conference, is an annual event bringing together planetary and space sciences researchers and industry personnel. Impetus4Change, although a young project, was visible in sessions related to extreme events and high-resolution climate modelling as well as an outreach event on climate downscaling.

The EGU is, like many other conferences, an important place for interpersonal connections. Meeting new contacts who are working on interesting topics, and making connections between what they are working on, and your own work can lead to future projects and research collaboration. This year, Stefan and other colleagues are working on making connections with other related initiatives such as Destination Earth and researchers in the field. I4C is a diverse and expansive project, and the goal is to continue to showcase its diversity at events like EGU in the future.

Based on an interview 26 April 2023 at EGU in Vienna