Impetus4Change ADAPTALAB

Paris, France

29 November – 1 December 2023

What is Adaptalab? 

The I4C Adaptalab is an important part of the process of I4C developing climate services with a real impact. Participants from different disciplines and sectors will collaborate to develop innovative solutions for a specific problem. In this inaugural Adaptalab, our focus is on creating mock-ups for the climate services that I4C is developing.

Each working group will explore the services, reviewing their format, content, target audience, visual presentation, and usability. Furthermore, Adaptalab is not only a space for problem-solving, but also an opportunity for participants to connect with one another within their cities and across the I4C community. So, to facilitate networking, we have planned various activities to foster meaningful interactions between working groups. 

The registration is now closed.

Who can join the Adaptalab? 

Are you involved in I4C or a stakeholder of one of the demonstrator cities? The success of Adaptalab depends on diverse participation from different sectors, disciplines and locations. Therefore, we would like to encourage all researchers and stakeholders to register and be involved in the development of ideas that will create the foundation of I4C moving forward.  Future Adaptalabs will open up to a much wider audience and stakeholders within climate services. However, the first Adaptalab will focus more on I4C objectives.  

Where and when is Adaptalab? 

This first Adaptalab will be held in Paris on 29 November-1 December 2023.
Travel and accommodation 

All participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation. However, there is funding to cover travel costs for I4C stakeholders. Please contact Megan at about this.  

The registration is now closed.