European Meteorogical Society 2024 – Annual Meeting

Barcelona, Spain

2-6 September 2024

I4C is hosting a session entirely focused on scales at this year’s European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, which will be held in Barcelona from 2-6 September.

The session will focus on the increasing ability of models to capture environmental phenomena at higher resolutions that blur the traditional boundaries between weather, climate and air quality services. This change highlights the importance of aligning the scale of the problem being modeled with the scale at which it is being governed to promote effective change. However, there is a lack of awareness that the framing of scale varies between scientific disciplines and is a socially and politically constructed process. This has led to isolated approaches within research communities, hindering the deployment of integrated weather, climate and air quality services.

To address this challenge, a transdisciplinary session is proposed to promote collaboration and discussion on the topic of scale. Professionals and researchers are invited to make presentations that explore the importance of scale in various contexts, such as solving specific environmental phenomena or aligning with decision-making contexts. The session aims to facilitate discussions on defining scale, traversing scale and transforming scale, with the goal of promoting a more integrated and nuanced understanding of scale in environmental modeling and decision-making processes.

Please take a moment to review the session outline provided below. If you have an example of setting, crossing, or transforming scales that you would like to share, we encourage you to submit an abstract by April 18th. You can find more details and the session link here.

The European Meteorological Society (EMS) is a non-profit organization comprising 38 Member Societies and 30 Associate Members across Europe. Their Annual Meetings draw approximately 600 attendees from various sectors of the meteorological field. The EMS recognizes outstanding contributions to meteorological science, applications, and communication through awards, while also supporting young scientists with conference grants.