Impetus4Change (I4C) is a Horizon research project where climate, city and social experts work together to improve the quality and accessibility of climate information in cities and regions.

Despite the increased awareness surrounding the climate crisis, there is still an information gap regarding the time scales at which action must be taken in order to avert the worst impacts of global warming. Cities across the globe are currently facing many negative impacts due to climate change, namely extreme weather events and their aftereffects. This poses many risks as the extreme weather events combined with as densely populated areas can result in catastrophic population loss. Urban decision-making requires tailored science-based climate information and services at the local scale to support adaptation and planning efforts to deal with climate change impacts.  In line with the EU’s Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change for a “climate prepared and resilient Europe” by 2030, I4C aims to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of near-term climate information and services at local to regional scales.

Bridging disciplinary divides, I4C builds a close collaboration between research organisations in the fields of climate and social science.  To help Europe accelerate the Green Transition to a carbon-free society by 2050, I4C aims to realise climate adaptation services for European cities.

Interested in participating in one of our events or learning more? Contact us at the following email: i4c-pmo@norceresearch.no.

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Impetus4Change ADAPTALAB

The first Climate Adaptalab will be coming soon to Paris November 30- December 1st 2023!

The I4C Climate Adaptalabs are an important part of the process of I4C developing climate services with a real impact. Participants from different disciplines and sectors will collaborate to develop innovative solutions for a specific problem. In this inaugural Adaptalab, our focus is on creating mock-ups for the climate services that I4C is developing.

Are you involved in I4C or a stakeholder of one of the demonstrator cities?  All researchers and stakeholders are encouraged to register and be involved in the development of ideas that will create the foundation of I4C moving forward.

Register now: https://forms.office.com/e/avxWPMa7BW

Paris, France

29 November – 1 December 2023

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